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Gear in Review

Lean about some of the gear we carry here in the store. Something we carry that you would like to know more about? Send us an email and we'll put a review together for it!

ep10- Peavey Valve King II

Peavey continues to impress with their VK series. These are as good as it gets at this price!

ep09- LTD TE212

This distressed Tele-style guitar sounds as cool as it looks. Have a listen!

ep08- LTD ST213

Classic strat style with plenty of tonal options. ESP is on a roll with their new line of LTD's!

ep07- LTD EC256 by ESP

Incredible amout of quality for such a low price. ESP has outdone their self with this one!

ep06- Marshall 2555X

Our buddy Rhett came by the shop to check out the Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee.

eo05- Peavey 6505 MH

Peavey puts a ton of power in this small package. Check it out!

ep04- Laney Ironheart

​​The Laney Ironheart gets put through it's paces by Caleb Marquis.

ep03- Laney Lionheart 50

Caleb Marquis is back​ and has brought with him the Lionheart 50 by Laney.

eo02- Sigma Guitars

David Newton introduces us to a few of the new line of acoustic guitars by Sigma.​​

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